A museum in Torino is dedicated exclusively to the Egyptian culture and art. Springing from the excavations completed in Egypt by the Italian Archeological Mission between 1900-1935, the collection counts more 26,000 artifacts and is a scientific and academic resource on the topic.

About 3300 objects are on display at any time, with the rest in storerooms and laboratory facilities. Many are fragments or papyrus, preserved for scientific studies, academic research, and as testimony.

The museum hosts themed exhibits of special interest; for example, a recent special exhibit was about women in ancient Egyptian culture, in honor of National Women's Day. Each month offers various events.

If you're interested in ancient cultures, in the art and archeology of Egypt, or how that grand culture impacted the ancient world, this is a museum that you won't want to miss.

HOURS: Open on Mondays from 9:00 AM til 2:00 PM. Open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 AM til 6:30 PM.

Reserve tickets online at the Museo Egizio Torino website.

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Address in Torino:

Via Accademia delle Scienze, 16.

Ph. (+39) 011 561 7776.

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