At the highest point of Vietri sul Mare is the cathedral, with its distinctly-colored tiled dome. Like other churches along the coast, the ceramic maijolica tiles were used to give the duomo (literally, dome, for cathedral) a focal point, and to present the artistry to the patron saint. In this case, it is dedicated to San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist). The church certainly makes Vietri sul Mare's old town stand out, especially when viewing it from the sea.

The church was constructed in the 10th century as a private church, and rebuilt after it was destroyed by Saracen raids. The current building dates to the 17th century, constructed on the Latin cross plan with its tall bell tower standing next to it. Above the portal are painted ceramics that depict the patron saint with the city of Vietri as the backdrop.

Inside, it is also decorted with colorful majolica tiles and ceramics along with a decorated marble altar. A prized polyptych depicts the Madonna nursing the baby Jesus.

It is an airy church with light baroque touches.

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