Producing specialties from Cetara since 1950, Delfino is the place to go for your alici (anchovies) and colatura di Cetara, and more. The Colatura is the juice from anchovies created during the salting process, delicious on spaghetti or bruschetta. Tuna has long been a fishing staple in the area, and you can get jars of thick tuna wedges in olive oil, along with tuna pate' or tuna-stuffed hot cherry peppers (a southern specialty!)

Anchovies are a fish that are abundant here, and they are preserved in jars in salt, in oil, or marinated in a lemon-based marinade. Processed and packed when they are super-fresh, they take on a different, pleasant flavor than you're probably used to, so give them a try. The Colatura is a real treat, an amber-colored liquid that adds a burst of salty-sea flavor, delicate but distinct.

You'll find jars of prepared sauces and preserved vegetables, too. This is a nice place to pick up some take-home flavors and souvenirs of the Amalfi Coast!

There is a shop on the main coast road as you go through Cetara, and another down in town near the beach on Corso Garibaldi.

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Address in Cetara:

Corso Umberto I, 58.

Ph. (+39) 089 761 553.