A gate and small baroque facade may mislead you into thinking there is not much to see at Santa Cristina, but that would be wrong. Because once inside you'll descend some steps and enter two chambers carved out of the rock, where you'll discover that the Crypt of Santa Cristina is a big deal, after all. The the oldest Byzantine frescoes in Puglia, the most ancient inscription dates them to 959, signed by Theopilaktos. Santa Cristina is also one of oldest place of worship in Puglia.

There are vibrant depictions of the archangel Gabriel, of Christ the Pancreator, the Virgin and Child, St. Nicholas, and of course St. Cristina. The Constantine group bears images of the emperor Constantine and his mother, St. Elena among other saints. There are inscriptions in Greek accompanying the images.They are surprisingly vivid despite the extreme age.

This is the definite must-see sight in Carpignano Salentina.

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