Recanati hides pretty corners at every turn, and the Complex of St. Augustine is one of the gems among the stone streets. The church was built in 1270 along with the accompanying monastery of the Augustinian order. The rough exterior hides a brilliantly decorated interior, with a Latin cross plan. The only adornment on the exterior is the carved white Istrian stone portal.

Inside are beautiful frescoes from the 1400s; highlights include the Madonna surprised at a visit from the archangel Gabriel; and the Last Supper. Much of the church has been redone in Baroque style.

Next door is the monastery building that housed the monks, but in the middle is an enclosed tranquil cloister.

The square tower was immortalized by hometown poet Giacomo Leopardi whose poem Il Passero Solitario was inspired by it. He imagined a solitary sparrow flying above and observing the slow, monotonous life of the town below, while he soared above it all.

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Address in Recanati:

Piazza Pietro Giordano.

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