Along the Puglia coast near Ostuni, the Coastal Dunes Regional Park provides an interesting ecosystem as well as outdoors adventure. The park is an expanse of plains that includes mixed-use land of cultivation, olive groves, sandy dunes, a fish hatchery and archeological remains.

There are dolmens, fossils, and traces of the ancient Via Appia and Via Traiana, raods that connected the empire that were traversed by Roman legions, dignitaries, pilgrims and saints. The park has an ecosystem of flora and fauna with migratory birds.

There are main paths that can be enjoyed for walking, biking and horse riding. Outings can be arranged through the park office. There are special events organized by the park, as well.

The undeveloped beaches are much appreciated by the local sea-bathers who enjoy the uncrowded and undisturbed sandy stretches left in their natural state.

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