The white figs of the Cilento are a prized fruit, a traditional sweet that have been grown here for centuries. You can go beyond just enjoying the fresh fruit from the farmer's market - you can visit a boutique where the Cilento figs are produced.

Santo Miele means "sacred honey" to indicate the sweetness of the figs and the reverence with which they've been treated in the Cilento. More than a "farm", Santo Miele is a fig boutique, where you can see how the historical fruit is peeled, dried, cooked, baked, dipped in chocolate, made into jam and packaged. There are regional recipes, and they take it all to a beautiful level. Come and enjoy a tour, taste the various products, savour a fabulous meal...and go deeper into the unique and well-kept traditions of the Cilento!

The farm has been in business near Paestum since 1930. Come and visit the boutique in the old town center of Prignano Cilento.

Hours: Monday through Friday 9:30 AM til 6:00 PM. Weekends by reservation.

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Address in Cilento National Park:

Salita San Giuseppe Prignano Cilento.

Ph. (+39) 097 483 3275.

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