The elevated church of San Pietro (St Peter) is the defining landmark of Cetara. Situated at the top of a staircase, the church's colorful tiled dome in maiolica ceramics is typical of the Amalfi Coast and a focal point for the town. Next to it stands the bell tower, dating to the 11th century, with five orders that include squared and octagonal sections. The church itself dates back to 988, but its current structure and style is from the 17th century. The exterior is neoclassical and interior is Baroque. The grand bronze doors greet you with relief sculptures of St. Peter and St. Andrew, the fishermen apostles and guardians of the fishermen of Cetara. Inside, a long nave is outlined in side chapels, and the brightness from the dome illuminates the church and its marble decorations.

The festa of St Peter is celebrated every June 29 in grand style with religious observations, a procession around town, a party with food, music and dancing, ending with a blast of fireworks from the sea.

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Address in Cetara:

Piazza San Giacomo.

Ph. (+39) 089 261 282.

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