Located in the heart of Perugia off of Corso Garibaldi, the Gothic church of Sant'Agostino is worth a visit. Fronted by white and rose-colored checkerboard pattern, the facade's upper level is bare brick, giving it a simple air. It is part of the monastic complex of the Agostinian order.

The single nave church was constructed in the 1200s but underwent restyling in the subsequent centuries. There are many lovely frescoes to gaze upon, and the Gothic side chapels have been recently reclaimed, that had once been hidden by Baroque renovations in the 1600s.

The oratorio on the right side of the nave is especially noteworthy. The lofty space bears abundant gilding decorations and wood paneling along the seating level. It is adorned with brilliant frescoes, including a Crucifixion painted by a young Raphael.

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Address in Perugia:

Piazza Domenico Lupatteli.

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