The religious and architectural heart of Ferrara is the Cathedral of San Giorgio. Situated in the aptly-named Piazza della Cattedrale, which is itself a beautiful space, the church was consecrated in 1135. The Romanesque facade is extravagantly decorated and richly adorned with Gothic arches and loggias. The recessed windows and arches give depth and sculptural appeal. The lunette holds a relief of St. George sculpted in 1135. There are other deep reliefs to view, such as the Madonna and Child and Last Judgement, along with other decorations that make the church a white wonder.

Along the side is the old Loggia dei Merciai, that once held the market in the Middle Ages. The interior of the cathedral was redone in Baroque style following a fire in the 18th century, so the gilding give an air of the era. The frescoed domes are lovely. Don't miss the Museo della Cattedrale to see some of the other works of art.

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Address in Ferrara:

Piazza della Cattedrale.

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