The Castello di Brolio is a living piece of history, a castle that has been in the Ricasoli family since 1141!. The family still maintains the property holdings, proudly producing excellent wine, olive oil and opening the castle to tours.

Its strategic position at the border of the city-states of Florence and Siena put the castle in constant conflict with the warring factions. The estate always sided with Florence, though it was temporarily occupied by Sienese forces once, and was invaded by the Aragon Spanish during their incursion into the Chianti area in 1472. Brolio Castle was restored to its Florentine jurisdiction in 1484, and underwent extensive fortifying and expansion. The stone bastions are pentagonal protective walls were designed by architect Giuliano da Sangallo. There is a walkway on top of the walls, and the interior of the castle shows off sumptuous rooms and halls.

The castle rests among endless vineyards, where the Ricasoli family has been producing vintages since the 1100s! The estate sits firmly in the Chianti Classico zone, and the Ricasoli helped give birth to the denomination and parameters of the famous vintage. They know a thing or two about making excellent wine, so be sure to schedule a tour and tasting.

The estate includes the castle a formal garden, and 230 hectares of vineyars, along with 1,200 hectares of valleys, hills, woods and olive groves. There is a chapel in the complex and the castle itself is a museum-like testimony of Chianti history, making it a fascinating place to visit.

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