One of the area's best-preserved castles is something to see, so well-kept because it has stayed in the same family since 1372!. The historical building and park are at the edge of Monticello d'Alba, in the enogastronomic zone of Piedmont, a beautiful area -and a beautiful building.

The structure's history dates back to the late 900s, built by the Bishops of Asti for defense following a series of devastating Saracen attacks in 972. It was damaged in 1187, and rebuilt in 1348 by the Malabaila, but a feud for the bishop's seat and territory brought in the Roero and Rotari counts who overthrew them, and the Bishop rewarded them with Monticello and Castagnito, respectively. The Roero family took over the castle and has maintained it in the family ever since. It was renovated in 1787 on the occasion of the marriage between Francesco Gennaro Roero with Paola del Carretto di Gorzegno but without really altering the structure. The stronghold was transformed into an elegant country villa with gardens, removing the moat, and substituting the drawbridge with a monumental stone staircase. Terraced gardens in English-style were added, and the park, the salons and the chapel can be visited. The three towers are still in place, each one of different style - one squared, one round and one octagonal.

The castle is open on specific days each month, so check their website for the dates. Open from 10:00 AM til 12:30 PM and from 2:30 PM til 6:00 PM. Below the castle the Roero family also has a restaurant, the Foresteria Conti Roero, upscale with local ingredients, lovely presentation and fine dining.

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Address in Monticello d'Alba:

Piazza San Ponzio, 2.

Ph. (+39) 347 443 7144.