A palazzo residence built at the turn of the Medieval period to the Renaissance, the structure bears architectural features of both styles. It is seen most markedly in the internal courtyard, but also in the heavy wooden ceilings with frescoes in the vaults below. There are some remarkable features throughout. It is now a museum with a fine collection of artworks that include detached frescoes, sculptures and decor taken from buildings around Ferrara that were destroyed or significantly altered, to not lose their precious historical pieces. Some of the artists you'll find represented here include Donatello, Gregorio di Lorenzo, and Alfonso Lombardi, among others.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: From 8:30 AM til 2:00 PM
Thursday, Friday: From 2:00 PM til 7:30 PM

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Address in Ferrara:

Via Savoranola, 30.

Ph. (+39) 053 223 4130.

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