A beautiful modern designer winery run by a woman who links the past with the present in interesting ways. They also make excellent wines! The architecture of the facility is unique, a contemporary masterpiece. But next to it is a piece of history - the Princess' Vineyard and Gardens, first planted by Elise Bonaparte two hundred years ago. Along with the many vintages they produce to a high level, they have regional breeds of animals, including the Cinta Senise and Black Valdarno pigs. They also keep some Montecristo goats, the only breed found in the wild since modern times, a part of a regional project to keep them from extinction.

So, a trip to this winery is tasty and interesting! You have to reserve in advance, though. See their website for details.

It is located off the Strada Provinciale 22.

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Address in Suvereto:

Localita' San Lorenzo Alto, 131.

Ph. (+39) 056 845 308.

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