Since a holiday is for relaxing, how about unwinding like the ancients did with a natural hot springs experience?. The Etruscan Spa Calidario offers natural springs to soak in, pools of various temperatures, along with a full service spa offering relaxation and beauty treatments like massage, facial and more. The various areas of saunas, turkish baths, etc are named as the Romans called them - thermarium, tepidarium, calidarium. Choose the experiences and services that suit you. The spa is located at Caldana of Campiglia Marittima, just a few kilometers from the seacoast known as Costa degli Etruschi. It is part of the hamlet of Venturina Terme, a frazione of Campiglia Marittima.

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Address in Venturina:

Via di Caldaria, 6 Venturina Terme.

Ph. (+39) 056 585 3411.

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