In the heart of Modena, the Caffe Concerto is the place to be seen. The trendy cafe is located at the street level of the Palazzo Municipale right on Piazza Grande. It's wide arched windows sumptuous feel, intimate corners and sleek bar make it an appealing place. Grab a table under the portico to watch the action on the piazza, or tuck into a lounge chair in front of the windows to enjoy a cappuccino with a book or your travel journal. Caffe Concerto hosts events, exhibits and Jazz nights. Whether you want a coffee and pastry in the morning, a light lunch, pre-dinner aperitif, or after dinner drinks, this is the place to do it in style. It is also a restaurant with full service meals. They proudly serve premium-blend Tonino Lamborghini coffee.

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Address in Modena:

Piazza Grande, 26.

Ph. (+39) 059 222 232.

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