In a hamlet above Stresa, the Giardino Alpinia highlights a beautiful take on an alpine garden. Set on a natural terrace on the hill, the founder took a simple pasture and turned it into a sublime botanical garden. Sitting at 800 meters above sea level (2,625 feet), the manicured and well-tended park surrounds you in nature while giving a spectacular balcony view of Lake Maggiore. There are two loop paths; the left one takes you through the woods, while the right one winds through flower gardens. They intersect, and then the breathtaking highlight - the panoramic overlook point of the the lake and mountains in all their glory.

Along the way you'll see 700 varieties of plants - mostly alpine but also some exotic, and a natural mineral water spring that flows directly from Mt. Mottarone, at 1,492 meters above sea level (4,895 feet). It gives you a cooling, refreshing, pure drink of water. The symbol of the park is the genziana bloom, a violet-blue alpine flower. The overall experience of the place is simply marvelous.

The Giardino Alpinia is open from April 1 through October 9, from 9:30 AM til 6:00 PM.

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Address in Stresa:

Viale Mottino, 26, Alpino di Stresa.

Ph. (+39) 032 392 7173.