Torre Santa Sabina is also known as the Marina of Carovigno; it is a small Puglia seaside resort with a piece of history. Here you can swim in the shadow of a 12th century watch tower. The tower for which the town is named is an interesting angled 4-pointed star-shape structure right on the water's edge. It has Gothic points and squared-off crenellations.

The beaches at Torre Santa Sabina/Carovigno are alternating white sand and smoothed rocky shore with vivid lapis waters. The rocky areas are perfect for snorkeling, and other water sports are available. There are casual seafood restaurants, open-air cafes, pubs and gelaterias.

Here are the main beach areas of Marina di Carovigno at Torre Santa Sabina:

Spiaggia dell'Isoletta: The "little island beach" is a lovely spot of rocky reefs with a sandy spot for lounging and entering the water. There is a reef "island" that gives the spot its name. This aea is more for those who know how to swim.

Mezzaluna Beach Next on the coast is the "half-moon beach," its swath of sand shaped like an arch. It is backed by scrub-dotted dunes. Easy access, ample amount of beach, with free zones and concessions that rent umbrellas and sun beds. There is a snack bar.

Scoglio del Cavallo: Just north of Santa Sabina, there is a horse-shaped reef in the water that gave the beach its name. There is a small cove beach surrounded by low reefs.

Spiaggia dei Camerini: Shallow water and fine sand make this beach ideal for small children and those who don't swim. It is easily accessed from the street and looks right at the historic tower of Torre Santa Sabina. There are restaurants and cafes around the beach, as well as parking.

Pantanagianni: two areas with sand, one small and one larger. There are large zones of free access beach (bring your own umbrellas and blankets) and concessions that rent umbrellas and sun beds.

Morgicchio. Further south of Torre Santa Sabina, this beach is another half-moon of sand amidst scrub-dotted dunes. There are free sections and a concession (Lido Sabbia d'Oro). There are some services, sandy beach as well as reefs.

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Address in Carovigno:

Torre Santa Sabina, frazione di Carovigno.

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