A short drive from Modena is a museum dedicated to one of the area's prime products - Balsamic Vinegar. The delicious flavor is obtained through a long and laborious process, which you can learn about in this interesting museum. Start with the video that explains how the grapes are crushed, the must cooked in copper kettles and then aged in a series of barrels of different woods and sizes until the final nectar is achieved. Displays of the equipment, bottles and labels for each grade of balsamic vinegar are explained.

The Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale is housed in the Villa Fabriani, with its frescoed halls, in Spilamberto, about 17 kilometers from Modena along the Via Modense. If you want to have a balsamic vinegar tasting included in the experience, reserve that in advance of your visit.

Museo del Balsamic Tradizionale - Via Roncati 28, Spilamberto. Hours: 9:30 AM til 7:00 PM. Closed from 1:00 PM til 3:00 PM for lunch. Closed Mondays.

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Address in Modena:

Via Roncati, 28.

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