In the antique streets of San Donato in Poggio, this old eatery has been serving Tuscan country cooking for years. Located next to the historic Palazzo Malaspina, once known for its outstanding wines, the restaurant is a good place to try the homemade fresh pastas of the Chianti region, like pappardelle with duck sauce, ravioli with truffles, and the hearty soups that Tuscany is known for. The meats are locally raised and ingredients for everything come from the area. Wine, of course, is from the Chianti hills.

They will prepare vegetarian or celiac menus on request. Closed Mondays. Closed the month of January and part of February.

San Donato in Poggio is an outlying hamlet that is part of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa.

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Address in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa:

Via del Giglio, 43.

Ph. (+39) 055 807 2900.