There is a treasure-trove in the Cilento, and it's right under your feet! The Valley of the Orchids is a 47 square kilometer swatch of floral and natural beauty, especially for enthusiasts of the favored flower. There are more than 180 species of wild orchids-some of them quite rare- thriving in the open, rocky terrain of the Cilento National Park, along with the all-important pollinating insects to keep them flourishing. You'll find a vast variety of hues and forms and fragrances to enjoy along the 13-kilometer trail that traverses the valley.

The flowers generally bloom thorughout April and May, with some continuing into July. It is a beautiful and enjoyable spot for botany and orchid fans, as well as outdoorsy types in general. The town of Sassano throws an annual festa in honor of the flower every May.

Sassano is also home to the Valley of the Orchids Museum, housed in Palazzo Picinni in the historic center of town. They display a variety exhibits highlighting the seeds and plants of the valley that have been cultivated here for centuries, including the famed orchids, along with vines, figs, grains, beans, and apples - all of ancient origins.

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Address in Sassano:

Via C. Battisti.

Ph. (+39) 097 578 809.