The restaurant "Taverna Montisi" is located in Montisi, remote village in the hills of Siena, renowned for its excellent olive oil, wine and truffles of San Giovanni d'Asso, located a few miles away.

The village, half-perched, with some steep narrow streets, offers very beautiful views over the surrounding countryside, dominated by the absolute peace. Roberto, the restaurant manager, personally guarrantees the freshness of the ingredients used to prepare anything at Taverna Montisi.

You will find strictly seasonal and local food, like extra-virgin olive oil from Montisi, Trequanda, Castelmuzio and Petroio, cantucci from the local Panificio di Verena Rosati, in Montisi, pork meat from Azienda Agricola Belsedere, in Trequanda and so on.

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Address in Montisi:

Via Umberto I, 3.

Ph. +39 057 784 5159.

Fax +39 057 784 5159.

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