What could be better than a day outing that takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in Tuscany?. A steam locomotive called Treno Natura gives you the chance to ride the rails of the historic train lines in Tuscany and see some of the acclaimed landscapes of the region from the carriage.

Treno Natura has a mixed schedule from March through October, to combine the scenic ride with special events like festivals, markets, sagras and food and wine tastings. Departing from Siena, the train alternates routes, taking you to the gorgeous Val d'Orcia, to Asciano, Montalcino and other historic towns, where you can enjoy special food markets, antique markets, festivals or other fun happenings. You can also combine your ride with a walk through Italy's postcard-perfect landscapes, and dine in authentic Tuscan trattorias.

Check the website for details and schedules. The English site gives you the break-down of each special itinerary. Cost is only €32 for a day of fun.

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