A landmark church in Arezzo, the rounded apse is a focal point of the city's Piazza Grande. The main entrance is on the opposite side. The layers of closely-aligned columns give the church a distinct facade; look carefully and notice each column is different. The "perforated" facade, and the many windows on the adjoining bell tower have earned it the name, "the tower of 100 holes".

The church was built in Romanesque style so the spare stone facade is practically unadorned. That makes the altarpiece by Lorenzetti seem positively gleaming. The exterior is the main attraction, and a symbol of the city. Once you've gazed at the columns, note the portal with its sculpted frieze about the door, and the arch of sculpture above it, representing the months of the year with sculpted symbolism.

The church is stunning at night with the piazza lights, too.

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Address in Arezzo:

Corso Italia, 7.

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