In Morro D'Alba, the place to eat is Vin'Canta on Piazza Barcaroli. Whether you sit out on the terrace overlooking the hills or inside the gazebo-like interior with lots of windows, you'll enjoy typical Marche specialties like nonna used to make. They take pride in making everything by hand according to traditional recipes. There are old world hearty soups, perfect on an autumn evening, or the homemade pastas, like tagliatelle dressed with a sauce from hen, mushrooms and truffles, or with duck sauce. Lamb, rabbit, pork roast and steaks are served as main courses (but there are options for vegetarians, too!) The wine list highlights the area's winemaking traditions, with local vintages that pair perfectly with the food.

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Address in Morro d'Alba:

Piazza Barcaroli, 2.

Ph. (+39) 073 163 252.

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