Rigomagno, immersed into the olive trees on top of the sweet hills of Sinalunga, is so charming that once you know it, you do literally fall in love. A must for the ones who want to know the real Tuscany, from the cuisine to the warm culture of greeting.

This lovely place has strange origins, related to a clamorous, gross injustice of the State: the story is dated at the second half of 1200, when the Republic of Siena was involved – like almost all the other European countries - into the disputes between Guelphs and Ghibellines, for the government of the state. In 1281 the Guelphs were in power and the noble Ghibellines exiled with some local squires into their houses.

During summer, Buonsignori, leader of Ghibellines in Siena, helped by a maniple of soldiers, threw Siena into confusion, involving also the village of Rigomagno. This lasted for a few hours... there was a brief but bloody battle, where Bonsignori raised a siege against the castle of Rigomagno. Six days later, Siena's army captured and beheaded all the rebels, and took back the precious castle of Rigomagno, situated on the borderline. 

For some unknown reasons (maybe some incomprehensions between the inhabitants of Rigomagno and the local army, maybe a mistake in transcription made by the commander...) the fact remains that the Senate of Siena considered the population of Rigomagno as traitor, and ordered the destruction of the castle, its walls and every single house around it.   

The village was rebuilt in 1291, thanks to the inhabitants of Rigomagno that bravely tried to convince the Senate of their innocence. The village now is exactly as it was 717 years ago.

From the real passion of its 100 inhabitants, twenty years ago started in Rigomagno an unmissable event, called "Il Colle degli Ulivi": Jazz festival that hosts the best field performers. This event is also a magnificent range of exhibitions of art along the streets and inside private houses, kindly offered by the locals, and one of the best wine and food festivals in Tuscany.

"Il Colle degli Ulivi" is a “true” party, that evolved itself throughout the ages, and now drums up thousands of people and VIPs.

This evolution has never changed the familiar and genuine atmosphere that has always characterized this event, giving a unique taste of history and tradition. At “Colle degli Ulivi” you can really experience a bit of the famous Italian life style, the one that is well known all over the world for the perfect balance between nature and art, culture and music, food and wellness.

You cannot miss the big happening which take place on the 24th of June, with chefs gathering from all over Italy, more than happy to show their special and tasty dishes and meals; bringing yourself into an amazing journey starting from the local food and wine to a number of new experiences that you will not forget so easily.

You won't complain for sure and you'll be ready for more and more of this!

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Frescos, tables, paintings statues by important authors among which: Benvenuto di Giovanni, Sano di Pietro, Rutilio Manetti, Domenico Beccafumi, Guidoccio Cozzarelli, Sodoma, Santi di Tito.

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