In the village of Peccioli, La Greppia occupies the brick-arched space that was once a wine cantina that dates back to the 1300s. Warm lighting, low music and attention from the chef make it a special experience. Traditional Tuscan fare along with imaginative dishes and even paella are served, giving a nice variety of choices. Several types of risotto and gnocchi are available; fish specialties but also plenty of meat are offered. A tasting menu lets you have the full experience and range of courses from aperitivo through to dessert at one price.

Considered one of the best restaurants in this part of Tuscany, the welcoming owner and fantastic food along with the atmosphere make it a special meal. Reservations highly recommended.

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Address in Montelopio:

Piazza del Carmine 20, Peccioli.

Ph. 0587672011.

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