A family-run business for 45 years, Ristorante Il Cedro serves the specialties of the Casentino area in a down-home setting. This mountain eatery is located in the village of Moggiona, near Poppi, in the province of Arezzo. They serve genuine dishes at reasonable prices, including delectables such as tortelli filled with potatoes, guinea hens stewed in marsala wine, and hearty acquacotta (a traditional Tuscan vegetable soup). The carpaccio of mushrooms, game, and grilled meats are also noteworthy.

Il Cedro is a locally-loved institution, still entirely operated by the family. Closed Mondays. Reservations highly recommended.

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Address in Moggiona:

Via di Camaldoli, 20.

Ph. +39 057 555 6080.

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