Enjoy a special meal in a rustic setting prepared before your eyes by a skilled chef. The cool view kitchen at Casa del Nonno lets you feel like you're at grandfather's house, as the name implies. The Osteria is the heart and soul of the place, though there is also a more upscale restaurant that has a Michelin star upstairs.

Located at Mercato San Severino, the Casa del Nonno 13 is placed in the former wine cellar, which also served as a refuge for the villagers during WWII. Steeped in atmosphere and the local products, you'll be able to enjoy a fine meal with good wine.

The casual osteria (Osteria 13) serves lunch and dinner. On Sunday it is open only at lunch. Closed Tuesdays.

The restaurant is more refined and is open only for dinner, except on Saturday when it serves lunch and dinner; and Sunday when it is open only for lunch. Closed Tuesdays.

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Address in Calvanico:

Corso Caracciolo, 13 Sant'Eustachio.

Ph. (+39) 089 894 399.

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