With huge expanses of sand, the beaches at Principina a Mare give plenty of space and sun, and easy access to the water. You can choose a beach concession that rents umbrellas and chairs with services, or go to one of the large tracts of free beach for tranquility.

The developed beach vendors generally provide services such as snack bar, drinks, and meals (or you can bring your own food and drink, too). Sunset drinks are nice on their terraces or on your lounge chair! The free beaches are undeveloped, without services, though you can utilize the food service offerings at the nearby concessions. You will need to take your own beach blanket or folding chairs, a cooler with water and drinks, and an umbrella for shade. Many people prefer to have the extra space and quieter "nature" feel of the free beaches.

The Maremma Nature Park is probably the best spot for natural beach experience. One of the most interesting parts is the Spiaggia delle Capanne (huts) where people have built driftwood huts for shade. If you want to rebuild one, you'll find piles of the wood ready to be assembled! Or you can find an empty hut to occupy for the day.

Whichever beach you choose, they are all sandy expanses, and the water is shallow and gradually deepens.

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