A homey rustic restaurant in the tiny stone hamlet of Barbischio set in the Gaiole in Chianti hills. The stone building exudes a warm atmosphere, where they serve simple old-time recipes to keep the Tuscan culinary traditions alive. The menu is based on the seasons but includes meat or game sauces or vegetable-based sauces to dress the handmade pasta. Hearty soups, stewed or grilled meats and a selection of vegetable sides, with sweets to finish off. The wine list includes the area's famous vintages (it's Chianti!).

They offer 3-hour cooking classes by reservation, with a maximum of 5 participants. Contact them for more details. Barbischio is a tiny hamlet that is part of Gaiole in Chianti.

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Address in Gaiole in Chianti:

Localita' Barbischio.

Ph. (+39) 057 774 9063.