One of the Cilento's most famous products is its rich green-gold high quality olive oil. If you have ever wanted to see how olive oil is produced and buy direct from the mill, you can have your chance at the Cooperativa Nuovo Cilento.

Here, you can see the olive groves, get an informative look at how the olives are pressed and the oil extracted, and taste the resulting oil. You can buy from the growers-producers directly to know that you are getting the real-deal genuine extra virgin olive oil and not watered down imitators.

There is a large terraced garden of local vegetables and fruits, and a restaurant at the mill so you can enjoy the authentic flavors of the Cilento, prepared from fresh-picked seasonal produce and other local products. You can also see how the dishes are cooked, to take that knowledge (and recipes!) home with you. The restauant is called Al Frantoio (at the olive mill), so there's no mistaking it!

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Address in San Mauro Cilento:

Localita' Ortale.

Ph. (+39) 097 490 3239.