Museum of Medieval and Modern Art Arezzo

The Museum of Medieval and Modern Art in Arezzo holds many beauties inside, and here "modern" means Renaissance. Housed in the Bruni CIocchi palace, the venue is as much part of the display as the art, with its interior courtyard and hanging garden. The former limonaia (winter greenhouse for lemon trees) is now a restoration lab.

The museum has the collection from the Fraternita dei Laici, a fraternal order founded in 1262, and pieces from the city's pinacoteca comunale (civic art gallery). It's laid out on three floors. There are engraved stones, capitals, columns and sculptures from the Middle Ages. Frescoes, paintings and ceramics from the Renaissance keep visitors enthralled. Enjoy works by Vasari, Signorelli, della Robbia, and more.

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Address in Arezzo:

Via San Lorentino, 8.

Ph. (+39) 057 540 9040.

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