Galleria 3 Punti d'Arte is in the historic center in the Palazzo Carletti. The lovely space brings together a variety of media, forms and expressions, and include sculpture, painting, and installations.

A large selection of works is spread over the various salons, each with a different theme, taking in fashion and design, as well. Since this is Italy and food is important in every aspect of life, including art, the gallery has a room set aside adjacent to the Palazzo Carletti, that hosts an enoteca (wine bar) where you can sample the prestigious wines of the Montepulciano area, in a nicely-furnished space.

The Gallery is in an historic palace that is owned by the city, and its use is a cultural collaboration of various institutions to promote contemporary art in this beautiful area of Tuscany.

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Address in Montepulciano:

Via dell'Opio in Corso.

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