The long, official name is Riserva Naturale Popolamento Animale Marsiliana; what that means is a nature park dedicated to the breeding and habitat of indigenous animals. Specifically, here in Maremma they want to protect and increase the unique breed of cattle and horses known as Maremmana. The numbers of both had dwindled, so in 1980 they dedicated this nature preserve to try to bring recognition to these local species.

The park covers 443 hectares (about 1100 acres) of mixed growth on the gentle Maremma hills. Scrub oaks, evergreen and other indigenous plants mix with woods and pastures. Olive groves are intermingled here too. The idea is to cultivate the natural habitat of these and other species, like the woodpeckers, owls and song birds that live here.

The Riserva Naturale also has a specialized equestrian school of the Corpo Forestale (Forest Patrol). The park can be visited by appointment only.

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Address in Marsiliana:

Loc. Marsiliana.

Ph. (+39) 056 640 019.

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