An upscale beach experience and restaurant among the dunes and Mediterranean macchia foliage at San Vincenzo on the "Etruscan coast". They offer "the art of relaxing" with more privacy than is normally available at a beach concession, with the sunbeds and umbrellas tucked in among the brush with plenty of space between you and the neigbhors, what they call "oasis" corners. There is also a swimming pool for the club patrons, and a clean sandy beach.

The restaurant is refined yet beach casual, with an interesting menu that deviates from the norm with upscale touches and creativity, but you can still enjoy cold plates like salads and fruits done with panache, to cool down from the heat. Dinner is special with the sunset over the water.

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Address in San Vincenzo:

Via della Principessa, 120.

Ph. (+39) 338 934 7374.