Near Capalbio is a WWF refuge that covers 410 hectares (1,013 acres) with a lake an a medieval tower. A former hunting ground, the WWF reclaimed and revived it starting in 1980, and today it is an oasis for many species of birds and mammals, as well as plant species. The preserve holds an intercoastal lake that is separated from the sea by a strip of sand dunes, three kilometers long. The lagoon attracts a hefty number of migratory birds, making it ideal for bird watchers!

The Torre di Buranccio is a 16th century coastal defense tower that is part of the park and is a beautiful, picturesque spot. Walk the nature trails with its observation points to view the wildlife. There is also a point for nocturnal viewing of the mammals. Don't miss the butterfly garden!

In the Lago di Burano preserve you'll be able to observe the following wildlife:

Birds: Warblers, geese, gulls, terns, ducks, flamingoes, kestrel, guzzards, sparrow hawks, spotted eagles and more.

Mammals: Deer, porcupine, hare, skunk, beech martens, hedgehogs, fox, boar and other. Of course, reptiles like lizards and snakes make their home here, too.

The paths are handicapped accessible.

The park is located along the Strada Provincial Litoranea, on the coast near Capalbio, between Ansedonia and the Marina di Pescia Romana.

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