Rapolano draws visitors from around Italy, not just for the old town, known as the "town of travertine" but more popular, the hot springs. People come for the curative waters and treatments, that have been attracting health-seekers since the Etruscans!

The Rapolano "terme" (springs) are funneled into two spa establishments. (If you're looking for free, open-air springs, you won't find them here.) But the spas are very nice, relaxing and have lovely views of the Siena countryside.

Terme Antica Querciolaia is at the edge of town in a contemporary complex built in 1864. You'll find pools fed by natural spring water that bubbles out at 39-40°C, rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium; the pools have varying temperatures. The medical benefits of soaking in this spring are said to be beneficial for arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory maladies and skin conditions. The facility offers spa treatments. This is where Garibaldi famously came to recover from battle wounds. Via Trieste 22; telephone (+39) 057 772 4091.

Terme di San Giovanni is in the countryside just two kilometers from town, in a modern facility surrounded by natural geological formations and oak trees. Nearby are the remains of ancient Etruscan tubs used for bathing, which were also utilized by the Romans (Campo Muri). The spa has an extensive menu of treatments available if you want to enhance your hot spring experience with a massage, mud wrap or other pampering package. Via Terme San Giovanni, 52; telephone (+39) 057 772 4030.

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