The impressive remains of a Roman amphitheater greet visitors to Gubbio, positioned below the medieval center of town. The Teatro Romano dates to the first century, built in the Augustan era and style. Large blocks, ordered rows of arches and fanned-out seating that characterized the theaters of the ancient Romans are seen here. When it was in use, it could seat 6,000 spectators. It is incredible to think that all these millennia later, it is still standing - and still hosts summer classical events.

Adjacent is the Antiquarium, a nice archeology museum that houses the artifacts uncovered here and throughout the area. It sits over what had been an ancient residential quarter, so especially impressive are the well-preserved mosaic pavings that were the ornate, stylish flooring of these Roman homes.

The amphitheater and museum are open from 10:00 AM til 7:30 PM daily in summer; until 6:30 PM in winter.

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Address in Gubbio:

Viale del Teatro Romano.

Ph. (+39) 075 922 0992.

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