The heart of Cortona is its beautiful Piazza della Repubblica. This pretty spot has been the center of the city since Roman times when the Forum was located here. Today it is at the crossroads, where shopping streets and lanes lead off to characteristic corners of the town.

The Piazza della Repubblica is medieval is style with the pretty Palazzo del Capitano as its focal point. Built in the 1200s as the seat for the "captain" (the poltical ruler), the striking bell tower was added in the 15th century. It served as cardinal's residence for a time before becoming the town hall.

Sit on the steps and enjoy the street scene that plays out here. Or grab a table at an outdoor cafe and sip a cappuccino, a cup of tea or a glass of local wine and watch as the Cortona world passes by. Stop in the stalwart Molesini wine shop where you can buy a bottle or sample some local vintages and food products, in business on the piazza since 1937.

The Piazza della Repubblica is just a few steps from Piazza Signorelli and Cortona's beautiful cathedral.

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Address in Cortona:

Piazza della Repubblica.

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