Cookobio in Buggiano isn't really a restaurant, it's like eating at a friend's house, if you have a friend who is an amazing cook and lovingly prepares meals to order for you. That's the basis for the osteria started by an architect turned cook. The space is of course beautifully done, casual and comfortable and enticing, that makes you want to sit down and enjoy a good meal in good company, in surroundings that remind you of Grandma's kitchen.

The space is set within the well-established (and award winning) Biscottificio Fratelli Bernardi, a cantucci maker. It is a "dining room" rather than a restaurant, with antiques, crystal and fine linens, and the cook creates seasonal delicious meals from the organic vegetables and ingredients of the local area. She will cook vegetarian, vegan, celiac or other special menus, because everything is made special each day for the guests, cooked fresh to order, and not pre-prepared. Bread and pasta are handmade in-house.

Special kitchen "laboratories" (demonstrations), theme evenings and events are part of the line-up, and the chef will do catering, as well. Reservations are required for both lunch and dinner.

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Address in Buggiano:

Corso Indipindenza, 54.

Ph. (+39) 057 231 8626.

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