This monumental church is one of Arezzo's primary attractions. Built in the oldest part of town, the Gothic church dates to the 13th century though the style was adapted a century later and is an example of the unique brand of Tuscan Romanesque style. It's facade is of rough stone and brick, reflecting the simplicity of the Franciscans.

The cavernous interior has a single nave and is flanked by chapels and devotional shrines. The simple style breaks with tradition when you reach the Cappella Maggiore, which is richly decorated with frescoes, most notably the famous series by Piero della Francesca, The Legend of the True Cross. Considered one of the Renaissance period's most important works, the impressive masterpiece is an incredibly narrative cycle that starts with the death of Adam and crosses the ages until the discovery of the true cross. The frescoes were commissioned by the prominent Bacci family, and take on the theme of the true cross and the crusades, one that is closely tied to the Franciscans.

The church is worth a visit and the ticket fee well worth the price to view these incredible frescoes, that highlight Piero della Francesca's skill and mastery of depth perspective and of using art to create narrative.

For an indepth informative look at the fresco cycle, follow this link.

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