The spa waters of Chianciano Terme have been appreciated since ancient times. The Etruscans, followed by the Romans and Longobards made use of them to cure a variety of disorders.

History tells us that Emperor Augustus, thanks to the spa waters of Chianciano, cured a dangerous and troublesome disease of the liver. Throughout the different eras and centuries the spas, besides being considered benefi cial, have often been thought of as magical and even sinful.

The successful slogan “Chianciano fegato sano” (Chianciano for a healthy liver) was coined in the 50’s and taking the waters became an important cultural aspect of Italy.

Chianciano developed into a well known spa town visited by the Italian upper middle-classes and the nobility. Thus, the spa waters of Chianciano have always been famous, their therapeutic qualities tried and tested by millions of people who have benefited from them, and not only those suffering from liver disorders.

Today the thermal waters of Chianciano are the principal element of new treatments aimed at restoring the balance between mind and body and correcting minor cosmetic defects.

From therapy to prevention, from health to well-being, the waters of Chianciano remain an incomparable source of vitality and harmony for all.

The therapeutic waters, indicated for liver and gall bladder disorders, can be taken while strolling or resting in two splendid parks, Parco Santa and Parco Fucoli. Other spa treatments available at the Terme di Chianciano are inhalation therapy for respiratory disorders and fangotherapy for arthro-rheumatic disorders.

The Sillene Wellness Centre offers a vast range of beauty and wellness treatments, a nutrition centre as well as a centre specializing in cosmetic medicine and another in angiology. The Salone Sensoriale is a high-tech wellness center with packages aimed at destressing, detoxing, and re-energizing the body, along with massage, facial and spa treatmentes.

Whether you have just a few hours or whether you prefer to dedicate several days to a spa holiday, the medical staff and professionally trained therapists can offer customized treatments that respond to all your personal needs.

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