A church in Macerata, the Basilica of Misericordia bears a much venerated painting and some beautiful artwork. It has very precise origins: On August 16, 1447 the town leaders voted to construct a small temple to implore the Madonna to end the terrible plague that was desolating the city. The original portal to that tempietto is what you see as you enter today. It was restored in 1497, and the painting that draws pilgrims was added - the Madonna della Misericordia and saints; said to bring healing and miracles it is still very venerated by faithful followers. The church was reconstructed and enlarged in 1736-1741 under the direction of architect Luigi Vanvitelli.

The ornate bronze doors were done in 1952 by Ascoli artist Carlo Cantalamessa (his name means "sing the Mass!"), and are beautiful bearers of saints and the story of the Misericordia.

Inside, the frescoed ceiling is light and airy, depicting the Assumption of Mary and being received by the Holy Trinity. There are other paintings and sculptures to enjoy during your visit.

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Address in Macerata:

Via San Vincenzo Maria Strambi, 2.

Ph. (+39) 073 326 3867.

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