Since the Greeks came to colonize and create Magna Grecia, the Cilento has been producing excellent wine. The wineries here haven't received much attention, but it's long been a wine zone where you'll find excellent vintages. One such winery is the family-owned Barone winery in Rutino. Here you'll find nicely crafted reds (aglianico), zesty rose' (from aglianico grapes), and winning whites, their main-stay and most prolific wines. The Cilento whites are perfect for the fresh seafood the area is known for, though a toothy Fiano is fragrant and structured enough to stand up to heartier dishes, as well.

You'll find a nice ambiance and excellent vintages here. Schedule a visit and tasting on their website.

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Address in Rutino:

Via Giardino.

Ph. (+39) 097 483 0463.