This bar facing the port in Acciaroli doesn't just have excellent gelato, it has a claim to fame. They've won awards for the quality gelato, and they can surely mix you a nice cocktail or pour a local wine. But it's also where Hemingway met his "old man" during his sojourn here. Local lore tells it proudly - the inspiration for the old man in Hemingway's famous work was found here, a local fisherman who came into the bar after his work day on the boat. Whether that part of the story is true or not is up to you to decide, but it is certain that "Papa" did hang out and drink here. Enjoy a drink (make Ernie proud) or a creamy gelato -with a view of the port.

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Address in Acciaroli:

Via Porto, 10.

Ph. (+39) 097 490 4296.