Encased within the large Cilento National Park is the Baia degli Infreschi Marine Protected Area, a pristine coastal highlight. The area encompasses 13 kilometers of coastline (8 miles) and takes in 2,332 hectares (5,762 acres). The landscape is punctutated by Aleppo pines, olives, vines and native Mediterranean brush, while the seascape is a jagged coastline of coves, sea caves, reefs and inlets. It is a spectacular sight, from the sea as well as from land. The Marine Protected Area was also designated as "site of community importance" by the European Community giving the flora, fauna and natural habitats of the area an added measure of protection to maintain its beauty and undeveloped wild nature.

The Marine Protected Area wraps around the point from Marina di Camerota over to Scario. Enjoy the natural aspect of a little-developed coast with stunning hidden beaches and reefs, and explore some of the sea grottoes. A day out on a boat is a fantastic way to explore this spectacular coastline!

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