Trace the history of Arezzo from the Etruscan period through the Middle Ages at the Museo Archeologico di Arezzo, at the ancient amphitheater. The museum is housed in the former monastery of San Bernardo, which itself was built over a portion of the ancient Roman amphitheater, which dated to the 2nd century BC. The structure is a beautiful highlight to the exhibits. It started out in 1823 as the Museum of Natural History and Antiquities, initiated by the Fraternita' dei Laici. It was expanded through the years.

The museum occupies two floors with displays in 26 rooms. That means, you'll get your money's worth of artifacts and objects here! There are ancient bronzes, relics and items from the Etruscan necropolis Poggio del Sole outside Arezzo, paleontology exhibits and more. There is special attention paid to the ceramics from here; Arezzo was the most important center of ceramics manufacturing in the Roman world for about a century.

And of course the visit wouldn't be complete without wandering through the amphitheater while you're here.

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Address in Arezzo:

Via Margaritone, 10.

Ph. (+39) 057 520 882.

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