A lovely landmark at the upper edge of Arezzo is the graceful old aqueduct called Vasariano. Named for the hometown architect and artist, Giorgio Vasari, who drew up designs, the aquaduct was constructed between 1593 and 1603 to bring water to the city. It follows the ancient Roman one that stood here, which fed the public fountains and baths in ancient Arretium. Precious few traces remain of the ancient one.

The "new" acqeduct is a stately structure with a series of arches that arrives near the current location of the city cemetery. From there, it ducked down into an underground canal that ran below the castle and into town, pouring forth in the public water fountains, and the more decorative fountains in Piazza Sant'Agostino and Piazza Grande. It also fed the lavatoio, wash basin, where people brought their clothes to wash them.

From the castle, it's a nice walk to follow the Acquedotto Vasariano in the fresh air and countryside. It was recently restored, so you'll find it in pristine condition, and magically lit up at night.

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