Located a few steps from Lattari Mountains, Scala faces the Valley of Dragone (360 metres above the sea level), nearby Ravello. The village was founded in the the IV century BC by Roman shipwrecked while going to Constantinople. Scala took part in the vicissitudes of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi and, as many other towns around the Amalfi Coast, it reached the maximum splendour thanks to the great number of marvellous buildings and churches.

Unfortunately, the rivalry with Ravello and sacking made by Pisans in the XII century caused its gradual decadence. The Dome, built in honour of St Lawrence, represents the most valuable monument: the original Romanesque structure was totally restored in the XVII century, even keeping the ancient portal. Entering the church you will admire a mosaic-decorated pulpit and a group of precious wooden sculptures dated back to the XIII century onto the high-altar, representing a Crucifix, the Virgin and St John.

From Scala, lovely walks will let you reach outstandingly beautiful towns, like Santa Caterina, Campoleone, Campidoglio, Atrani, Minuto and Pontone.

There is a charming chestnut wood surrounding the town, which is just a perfect point of interest for mountain and horse-riding lovers. You will have the possibility to ride horseback, starting from the manège "Lo Sperone", until the area "all'acqu' o' vreccial" (Bracciale dell'Acqua). Going across these amazing green spaces you will feel the sea breeze, that blends with under-wood scents.

Staying at Scala, you will have the great opportunity to organize a short mountain itinerary. You will need a specific authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, normally released in Caserta. Then continue to Pogerola (close by Amalfi), going across the Valley of Ferriera.

Largo Vescovado, overlooked by the splendid Dome, might be the starting point.

Leave the precious eighteenth-century fountain un Piazza Municipio on your back and start walking towards Via Campidonico. The first pedestrian stretch counts 400 steps, but no worries, the sublime landscape below will compensate the light breathlessness. The houses, set like jewels into the mountain, terraced vineyards and lemon groves create a marvellous panorama.

You will have Ravello just behind and it will be very suggestive! Go on until you get into a fork, turn leftwards to the Via Rossa. If you like, have a breack to admire the lovely Church of Annunziata. At the end of Via Rossa, you will find a carriageway (Via Bottega) near Campidoglio, from there, walk on to Acquacciola. Leave Scala and let yourself be swallowed up by the green maquis of Punta d'Aglio, where a marvellous reforestation of conifers will tone up your body and soul.

The views of Amalfi and Atrani will appear under your eyes as stunning and bewitching. If the sea in the distance will enchant you all, the rocky masses around express the whole majesty of Lattari Mountains. From there you must have a special permission to go on and visit the nature reserve if Ferriera, one of the most interesting places of the entire Amalfi Coast, in terms of wildlife. You might be able to admire a rare species of bulbiferous fern (Woodwadia Radicans), while eagles circle at high altitudes.

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